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Back and neck pain

45 min.


Shoulder pain

45 min.


Knee pain

45 min.


Sport injuries

45 min.


Physiotherapy in Temporomandibular Disorders

45 min.


Packs Bienestar

3 treatments Physiotherapy

  • share the pack within your family

  • validity 4 months

120 €

Structural osteopathy

60 min.


Mental Coaching

60 min.


Fusion Physiotherapy + Hot Stone Therapy

1 hour



FISIO JULIA BARCELONA is a private center. However, if you have contracted with your insurance the refund or free choice modality, the physiotherapy and osteopathy sessions at Fisio Julia can be much cheaper. You present our invoice to your insurance they pay you 80-90% of the invoice. If you do not know if this modality contracted you should consult with them asking them if you can choose a specialist outside their medical staff.


To offer a good service, we like to plan in advance. Therefore, our cancellation policy is 24 hours before the appointment, at no cost. Otherwise, the full appointment will be charged. Thanks for your understanding.


We follow all the hygienic rules of prevention, suggested by the Colegio of Physiotherapists

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