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Fisio Julia is a private practice focused on physical therapy, paediatric physical therapy and FisioTRAINING, our plan for follow-up, relapse prevention and maintenance.

With positive energy and personalised treatment, we treat your complaints honestly and effective treatments, based on the latest scientific evidence taking into account the person as an individual.



We start directly with your goal



Treatments based on the latest scientific evidence


Mutually adapted to your needs

better RESULTs

Let's change habits step by step


Professional advice


Treatments are aimed at functional recovery, with attention paid to all the possible causes and aggravating factors.



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Bachelor of Science: Physiotherapy (European School of Physiotherapy, Amsterdam; The Netherlands).

Master in Pediatric Physiotherapy (International University of Catalonia).

More than 9 years of experience in orthopedic, neurological and chronic treatments of children and adults.

Founder Fisio Julia in 2016
Founder and CEO of INOVASIS in 2018.

"Personalized treatment is key to the success of a quality therapy."

Julia Gubba
Col. Nº 11699
Laura Olucha
Col. Nº 6817

Bachelor of Science: Physiotherapy (University of Valencia)

Scholarship for the Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm, Sweden).


Master in Functional Recovery in Physiotherapy (University of Valencia)


Extraordinary Master Award: Specialty in disorders of the nervous system.


Studying Degree in Medicine (University of Barcelona)

"I combine with great passion and motivation the exercise of my profession, physiotherapy, with the study of the Degree in Medicine, firmly believing that the knowledge obtained in both disciplines complement each other to help me be a better physiotherapist in the present and a better doctor in the future."



PhysioJulia Connects

Are you a company and want to collaborate?

We have a network of companies and people with whom we connect. We are open to receive your proposal!

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We are delighted to introduce you to our partner, the Halo Fitness Boutique Fitness Studio!

Do not hesitate to contact us for a recommendation of the best class for your needs.


Álvaro A.

I often go for cervical contractures. One day I told them that I had had shoulder tendinitis for 20 years and they told me that it was possible to cure it even after so long. Three months after the tendinitis has disappeared, I still can't believe it.

Stella K.

Wonderful team of professionals that make you feel like you are in good hands and able to confront any issues in need of physical therapy. Great for  rehabilitation. Everything is super organised and professional. Highly recommend!

Maria Teresa S.

Professional center

and very efficient. Knowledge and mastery of the subject, such as putting it into practice is amazing. It is fortunate to be able to have this center so close as you always leave with the feeling that there is no other like them. A 10;)

Elia G.

I am delighted! For those of us who do a lot of sports, having them close is amazing. I always feel that I am in good hands: they carry an exhaustive history of all my injuries and the treatment they have given me and they take this into account for each session (which is 100% personalized and based on my history); and of course the treatments are of high quality :)



Carrer de Provençals, 4

08019 Barcelona

Tel. 657 795 090

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