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Children develop their senses and motor skills in a playful way… and sometimes a little help is needed


For the development of motor skills the first year of life is crucial

Small children

Movement is very important in discovery and development

Preschool age

It is important that you can join the friends ...


Most children learn to move naturally. In some children, development slows down or is deviated. These children benefit from exercises to master certain skills. If there are limitations, they can learn to move optimally with fewer possibilities.

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Psychomotor therapy is an action therapy in which one actively works to change (both rationally and emotionally) thought and behavior patterns.

Dynamic and/or active forms of communication between patient and therapist are used to clarify and experience personal problem situations. New thought and behavior patterns are gradually learned and emotionally anchored.

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Postural Plagiocephaly / Brachiocephaly

The sooner it's treated the better!

The advice of the paediatric physiotherapist will help you to avoid a big crush on one side and to "dissolve" the preferred posture. Physical therapy focuses on unlearning the preferred posture.

Madre sosteniendo bebé dedo

Sensory information processing

By closely observing both the child (motor planning, sensory information processing, contact, communication) and the environment, and by collecting research data, a good picture is created of how the child can be guided in his or her development.

Not only the child learns, but the environment learns as well. This creates a challenging situation in which the child can develop optimally in a positive way.

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